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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — You can buy, sell or rent just about anything on your own like never before!

But these types of peer-to-peer transactions aren’t always regulated. If there’s a disagreement, what do you do? Small claims court can provide the solution.

In North Carolina, small claims court is part of the district court system. The claim must be for $10,000 or less. You don’t need to hire a lawyer. The process is designed for you to represent yourself.

FOX8 On Your Side talked with Guilford County Magistrate Eric Snider on the phone. He presides in small claims cases. His advice as you prepare for a court date? Make sure you bring the evidence to back up your argument and double-check that you’re suing the right person.

Also, there’s help that may keep you from taking your small claim to court at all.

Mayank Gupta started an online service called Dispute. The service costs anywhere from $29 to $89.

“This is completely do-it-yourself, we’re not attorneys and that’s why it’s so much cheaper because we’re not attorneys. We won’t give you any legal advice, but what we will do is help you. You know what you want to say. We help you write that letter and we will mail it out,” Gupta said.

And sometimes that demand letter is all that’s needed.

“What we’re trying to do is help you resolve that issue without even needing to go to court. So actually the thing that we’ve seen that we really love is that about 60% of our cases settle,” Gupta said.

If you do need to go to small claims court, Dispute will help you navigate the process and file the papers.

Dispute also offers free information on their website about settling claims and navigating small claims court. You can find it at

The Federal Trade Commission also provides resources for settling consumer disputes. You can find that here.