Bacon Bonanza put to the Deal or Dud test

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Bacon Bonanza promises to help you cook perfect crispy oven bacon without the grease! FOX8 asked registered dietician Barb Andresen to help us cook up a batch of bacon.

The instructions recommend a cooking temperature of 400 degrees. They all tell you to make sure you put the bacon slices with the fat side up in the rack. Then bake for 20-30 minutes.

We ended up cooking the rack of bacon for 26 minutes. The fat is cooked but the bottom half of the bacon slice did not.

Andresen also noticed the bacon was glistening with grease. She also thought the color seems off.

But how does it taste?

There’s a crunch to the slice, but the fat on the bacon is stretchy and not appetizing.

“The consistency of the fat on the bacon is odd,” Andresen said.

We also cooked the same type of bacon on a regular baking sheet at 400 degrees. It only took 17 minutes and Andresen said, “that’s the crunch we like!”

It tasted great.

Andresen said you can easily remove grease by blotting the bacon with a paper towel. No need to buy a new pan which required hard scrubbing to clean.

Andresen said, “I think it’s a dud. I prefer the old fashioned way.”

You can try Bacon Bonanza to see if you get better results. We bought it on for $25.

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