Amazing Super Snow Powder put to the Deal or Dud test

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — This winter has left our kids out in the cold as they are waiting on a good snowfall.

We don’t want that anticipation to snowball into disappointment so FOX8 put Amazing Super Snow Powder to the Deal or Dud test. This product is a polymer that turns into a white fluffy substance. It’s supposed to look like snow.

The directions tell us to add one scoop of the product to 2 ounces of water. No stirring or mixing. Our young volunteers do find that shaking the bucket helps to activate it the power.

Our 7-year-old volunteer says, “It feels soft and mushy. It feels like real snow.” One major difference? It’s not cold.

This product is not meant to create a mountaintop full of snow. Also, it doesn’t stick together so we can’t build a snowman or make snowballs. If you want to make it cold, the directions say you can put it in the freezer.

Our volunteers love playing with the fake snow and say, “Deal!”

And parents don’t worry. The clean up was a deal too!

This batch of fake snow lasted about a week. That could be shorter or longer depending on the humidity.

You can buy Amazing Super Snow Powder on for $15.

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