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SAN DIEGO – An Old Navy tweet announcing the beginning of its newest sale attracted some negative feedback over the weekend.

The clothing store’s #ThankYouEvent featured an interracial couple and their child posing.

One Twitter user said, “That’s horrible what is wrong with you? Boycotting Old Navy not that I wore that crap before.”

Old Navy quickly responded to the tweet:

The user then said, “Take a guess. Your clothes are crap quality and now you’re promoting miscegenation. Disgusting!”

Another Twitter user said, “My family and I will never step into an @OldNavy store again. This miscegenation junk is rammed down our throats from every direction.”

Many other replies were supportive:

“Hey Old Navy, my family and I thank you for the diversity in this ad! #LoveWins, no matter the color,” a user posted to Twitter.