Woman says her Tinder date asked for refund after spending $5 on her coffee

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LONDON — A blogger in London recently posted about her experience on an unfortunate Tinder date.

Lauren Crouch said her Tinder date demanded that she give him a $5 refund for the money he spent on her coffee after she declined to go on a second date with him.

Crouch started her blog, “No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories,” when she began dating after a breakup. In her about me section, she writes:

“The consistent comment is that I have such terrible luck, and always end up on these really ‘bad dates’, but I can’t help but disagree. All those supposedly bad dates are just the opportunity for a good story, a page in the autobiography, and the more terrible the date, the better the story.”

The story she got out of a recent date has gone viral.

The 28-year-old told BuzzFeed News that she met up with a guy from Tinder at a train station.

She said they ended up going to a coffee shop and then, 30 minutes into the date, the man said he had to leave because he was expecting a grocery delivery.

Other than the fact that he rushed off to get groceries, Crouch said the date was fairly normal.

“He was very intelligent and was well-spoken and carried himself well,” she told BuzzFeed. “We were having good, mature conversation.”

The date ended and the guy asked Crouch if she wanted to come home with him and have dinner. She declined.

Then, that night he texted Crouch asking her to go on a second date.

Crouch decided to be straightforward and responded:

“Sorry for the delay! Was lovely to meet you but not sure we had that chemistry. Hope you had a good evening, take care x.”

The man didn’t give up so easily and continued to try to convince Crouch to go on another date.

Eventually, the man responded with:

“OK, fair enough, Can you pay me back for your coffee? I don’t like wasting money. Prefer to use it on a date with someone else.”

After her date asked for a refund, Crouch responded by offering to donate the money to the charity of his choice.

The man didn’t take it well and repeatedly sent his account information so she could “refund” the money.

Crouch told BuzzFeed that although her recent date wasn’t a great experience, she hasn’t been turned off from the dating scene.

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