Mother refuses to pay babysitter, tries paying in ‘free ice cream and a day of fun’ instead

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A mother allegedly tried to avoid paying her babysitter, telling the sitter she already had a day of “fun” and “ice cream,” according to KDVR.

The text message thread between the two was screenshotted and posted to Reddit. The babysitter said she watched two kids for eight hours and that they agreed to a price of $16 per hour – coming to a total of $128.

In the messages, the mother refused to pay the “stuck up” sitter the full amount and instead wanted to compromise at $20  for watching her two “easy kids.”

The alleged text messages were posted to Reddit by Redditor VortexThing.

Babysitter: “It was great watching [your kids] today! Do you mind if I swing by tomorrow at 2 pm to collect the money?”

Mother: “I wasn’t aware payment was involved. You got free ice cream and a day of fun… I’m sorry for the misinterpretation.”

Babysitter: “Uhm… we discussed payment of $16 an hour beforehand. Over text.”

The mother, who said she deletes her messages, asked to see proof. In which, the sitter quickly sends a screenshot of the agreement.

Babysitter: “I’m sorry, but as much as I love seeing your kids I am doing this for payment. Exclusively.”

Mother: “Well, you’re acting kind of stuck up aren’t you? Can we compromise at $20?”

Babysitter: “No. I watched your kids for eight hours and we agreed on $16/hr. $128 is the total.”

Mother: “I am not paying you $128 for a single day! They’re easy kids!”

Babysitter: “It’s not a discussions of that. You promised, and I have textbooks to pay for. Please, I would accept $100.”

Mother: “Absolutely not. I wish I didn’t have such a stuck up [expletive] watching my kids. I am going to block you now – please do not contact me again.”

However, the Reddit user followed up two days later saying that his sister was able to get in touch with the father of the children she babysat, and after threatening legal action, the mother agreed to pay her the proper amount for the day of babysitting.

“Within 30 mins my sister was “unblocked” from the mother’s phone and the cash is set to return today,” VortexThing wrote. “We’ll see how it goes, but my guess is these parents are done scheming people.”

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