Couple pays $15 for Beanie Baby at flea market, believes it’s worth tens of thousands

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Correction: This article has been corrected to clarify that the listing price on Princess Diana bears has little connection with actual value. It also has been edited to reflect a warning issued by the website 

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BUDE, Cornwall – A couple in the UK bought a “Beanie Baby” stuffed doll for what would be about $15 in U.S. currency. But they think it could be worth tens of thousands.

The Daily Mail reported that 20-year-old Leah Rogers and 22-year-old Ryan Flanaghan recently bought the stuffed bear at a flea market.

They were selling toys and stumbled upon the small purple bear at a nearby seller’s stall.

Flanagan used to collect the bears and recognized that it was the limited edition Princess Diana Di Beanie Baby. But he didn’t realize just how limited it was.

Only 100 first edition bears were made around the world in 1997. And this was an original.

They paid just £10 ($15) for the toy, but when they checked eBay, they found a listing for £62,500 ($93,406).

They now have their own listing on eBay with a starting bid of £20,000 ($29,890). The couple is hoping to turn their special find into a down payment for a house.

Listing price and value are hardly connected, especially on auction sites such as eBay. While they have the limited edition bear, has issued a fraud alert warning consumers that their Diana bear isn’t worth much at all, regardless of production run.

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