Enthusiastic kid reacts to getting 1 YouTube like, 45 Twitter followers

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Meet “Sir Fedora.” His incredibly enthusiastic reactions to one like on YouTube and 45 Twitter followers has made him a viral hit online.

Reddit user dragonboltz posted a link to his first video, which shows “Sir Fedora” (or C. Jackson) reacting to getting one like on his first-ever YouTube video.

In the video titled “Wat Da (Bleep) Happened,” he is exploding with joy over the one like on YouTube.

“Hey YouTube, I didn’t see you there… oh wait I did,” he says. “We did it! We hit the one like! I know you guys are gonna be like ‘Dude it’s just one like’ but it’s still awesome to know you guys are there … even though you’re not there you’re there!”

The video now has over 55,000 likes.

His next video (at the end of this post) shows Sir Fedora reacting to getting 45 followers on Twitter.

“I woke up after a good night’s rest to find I have 45 frickin’ followers on Twitter! So, I’m just putting this one out there. If you can tell me in the comments section… what happened?” he says.

He now has over 5,400.

He went on to rant about YouTube and Twitter links before again thanking all of his new followers.

At this point, it appears “Sir Fedora” is just an enthusiastic, awesome kid that is having the best couple days of his life. We shall see if there’s a company or marketing team behind this latest “viral” hit.

Here’s the original thread on Reddit. You can subscribe to Sir Fedora’s YouTube channel or follow him on Twitter at @SirFedora.

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