Oak Ridge teenager bitten by shark at Cape Hatteras; father says they had to fight it off

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SALVO, N.C. — A shark bit a teenage boy Thursday in the waters at Cape Hatteras.

The 16-year-old from Oak Ridge was jumping over waves with his sister and dad about 25 feet away from the shore, about 2.5 miles from Salvo, when the shark bit him on his leg.

Tim Arthur, the boy’s father, told FOX8 he heard his son scream and saw him fighting the shark. The shark was holding onto his son’s thigh, and the boy was trying to hit the shark with his hand.

Arthur swam over and started kicking and punching the shark to get it off. It let go once Arthur kicked it in the nose.

He suffered non-life-threatening injuries and required 17 stitches. The teenager was released later that night. He is now using crutches.

Arthur counted more than 40 teeth marks.

The family says they are still at the beach as of Friday and plan to stay for a few more days.

  • Shark bite (Courtesy of Tim Arthur)
  • Shark bite (Courtesy of Tim Arthur)
  • Shark bite (Courtesy of Tim Arthur)
  • Shark bite (Courtesy of Tim Arthur)
  • Shark bite (Courtesy of Tim Arthur)

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