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One mom is “NOW HIRING!!” after her kids started asking for new phones and allowances.

“Yesterday I told them that I’ve heard their requests and that I’ll have a surprise for them today when they get home from school,” Shaketha Mario McGregor wrote in a Facebook post.

Well, surprise!

Her kids came home to a job fair, complete with job listings, applications and an ad for “Mom’s Credit Union.”

“If you want it, work for it, earn it!” McGregor wrote.

The list of “open jobs” includes a kitchen manager, lead housekeeper and laundry supervisor.

But if they want the job — and the pay — they’ll need to attend an interview and fill out an application.

The application asks for name, age,  and other jobs held including home and school experience.

It also asks if you’re “willing to work some nights and weekends.”

A line at the bottom reads, “Thank you for applying with This Mom Means Business Inc.”

While this sounds like a great opportunity for these kids to earn their dough, this mom doesn’t sound too optimistic that her kids will be exceptional employees.

At the end of her Facebook post, she tacked on “#IWonderWhoWillGetFired First” with an eyeroll.

The hilarious Facebook post, put up on Aug. 13, garnered more than 127,000 shares and over 208,000 likes by Tuesday.