Not even Tom Cruise could save Universal’s ‘The Mummy’ reboot

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Growing up, few things were as entertaining as “The Mummy.”

The third installation of the series, which debuted in 1999, was never anything special, but the movies played their part, offered an interesting backstory and rambled on just enough to keep me coming for more.

When I heard about a reboot with Tom Cruise, a sense of childhood nostalgia took over me and I couldn’t wait for what was in store.

But on Friday, I was presented with one of the worst movies that I’ve ever seen in my life, and honestly, I left more or less satisfied.

The movie is directed by Alex Kurtzman and features Tom Cruise (“Ricky Business,” “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol”) as Nick Morton, Sofia Boutella (“Star Trek Beyond,” “Kingsman: The Secret Service”) as Ahmanet, Russell Crowe (“The Insider,” “The Nice Guys”) as Dr. Henry Jekyll and Annabelle Wallis (“X-Men: First Class,” “Come and Find Me”) as Jenny Halsey.

To keep the plot short: Ahmanet, an ancient Egyptian princess whose transgressions see her sentenced to mummification and death, is awakened by Nick Morton in the modern day. Once risen, she searches the Earth for Morton, whom she believes to be “The Chosen.”

Though the movie has a successful cast and a basic story to build on, it falters in every possible area. The pacing is horrible, the acting is weak, the cinematography is boring and the script is spotty.

But, if you’re anything like me and you get a kick out of horrible horror films, you’ll love it.

Luckily for “The Mummy,” its abysmal box office debut in the United States was coupled with a much better overseas appearance, where it made nearly $100 million more.

Rottentomatoes gave “The Mummy” an appalling 17% and while I thought it was an all-around horrible film, my score rests at 30%.

My Thoughts:

Bad News: The Mummy has returned and it’s horrible.

Good News: You will laugh hysterically for at least half of the 120 minutes.

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