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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — What we’re accustomed to seeing mainly in science fiction blockbusters may be closer to becoming a way of life.

Humans and robots interacting is not as far-fetched as some students at Quality Education Academy in Winston-Salem once thought.

The students became more engaged with A.I. technology after meeting C.L.Ai.R.A, the first artificial intelligence Afro-Latina.

“They were really open to wanting to know more and actually looking more into these types of careers,” Quality Education Academy Emerging Technology S.T.E.A.M. Teacher Donald Sweeper said.

C.L.Ai.R.A was designed by Create Labs.

Her name is an acronym for Create Labs Artificial Intelligence Rendered Assistant.

C.L.Ai.R.A and Create Labs team members visited Quality Education Academy students and staff virtually.

“She has 175 billion parameters in her brain, so she’s the most powerful AI out there,” Create Labs Co-Founder Abran Maldonado said.

Maldonado explained that C.L.Ai.R.A,’s goal is to help communities with their needs while representing people of color.

“We want to encourage Black Future throughout the year, so we have more things to celebrate for 2023,” Quality Education Academy CTE Director and IT Education Teacher Dr. Jermaine McCain said.

“This is just the beginning. Absolutely. This is just the start,” Quality Education Academy Chief Development Officer and Community Engagement Team Leader Dr. Tamara Turner said.

Create Labs is developing C.L.Ai.R.A for the metaverse.

The team’s next big project is to recreate Tulsa’s Greenwood District when it was a thriving Black community and have C.L.Ai.R.A serve as a tour guide.