WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Two Winston Salem natives are taking the phrase “helping thy neighbor” to new heights.  

Paul Simos and Shannon Henson have packed up a trailer and pick-up truck full of equipment, personal supplies and food and traveled nearly four hours to Mayking Kentucky to help communities that have been affected by the massive flooding in Eastern Kentucky

The two left Sunday after dozens of people and businesses from the Piedmont area donated money, non-perishable food and housing supplies.  

“It’s amazing how many people have lost like their houses and cars and everything they have you know, some people are just riding around in their cars because they don’t have a house to go home to,” said Simos. 

The devastating flash floods in Eastern Kentucky have killed 38 people, including four children. It has swept away homes and businesses, leaving thousands of people homeless. 

Since Simos and Henson have been in Mayking, they have been sleeping and cooking for the community in the town’s fire department. 

Monday and Tuesday, Simos said they prepared over 500 meals for the community and the first responders that have been helping.  

“It’s difficult to see the struggle that they’re going through, but it’s gratifying to know that we can provide a little bit of comfort.,” said Henson. 

For their efforts in helping a community in dire need, both Simos and Henson have been made honorary firemen by Mayking Fire Chief Tony Fugate.  

“They’re a God send to the people of our community and I’m very thankful they’re here and welcomed here any time,” said Fugate. 

Henson and Simos are still collecting donations to help as much as they can for the victims of the floods. 

Thus far they have collected $9400, covering the costs of all food served there.