WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — When you visit Winston-Salem’s City Hall or the Stuart Municipal Building in the new year, you’ll have to walk through metal detectors or get hand scanned with a wand.

“We wanted to make sure we took all the comprehensive steps to protect our employees and the public in our buildings,” Winston-Salem’s Mayor Allen Joines said.

Talk about the extra security and a study of all county buildings started after the 2019 deadly shooting of a city employee at the Winston-Salem Sanitation Department,

This past October, shots were fired at a teenager outside city hall.

No one was hurt, but bullets hit the Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building, also known as City Hall South, twice.

“Joines said, “It’s not something we wanted to do necessarily, but…the shooting near city hall and the unfortunate loss of one of our employees in a shooting incident a few years ago heightened the need for us to take those actions,” Joines said.

Starting Jan. 3, all bags will be checked for items that could be considered weapons, and everyone will have to pass through one of three metal detectors.

If you don’t want to be screened, you won’t be allowed inside.

“Metal detectors are one of several steps you can take. We have uniformed officers at both of our facilities, and we’re keeping that,” Joines said. “This is a good next step in that regard.”

The city is paying around $13,000 for three metal detectors, four wands and everything to keep the enhanced security running.

Most of the funding will come from the general fund.

The city budgeted nearly $600,000 in next year’s fiscal budget to pay for the extra level of security.