WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Video taken by a partygoer shows the chaos that followed a shooting at a gathering in Winston-Salem over the weekend.

An officer was patrolling the area and responded after hearing shots in the area of Happy Hill Park pavilion, where investigators say that over 200 people had gathered for a party and “numerous” people began shooting. Officials say that they had not received any calls about the party prior to that.

According to information shared during a Q&A on Monday, Winston-Salem police officers were giving aid to victims as shots were still being fired and the scene was “chaotic.”

Beatrice Maxine Knights, 21, of Winston-Salem was killed. Officials couldn’t say if she was the target of the shooting or a bystander.

Four other people were injured, between the ages of 20 and 34 were taken to the hospital with injuries, but as of Monday, they have been discharged.

“A very tragic occurrence anytime but when it happens at a recreational facility, it is doubly impactful,” said Mayor Allen Joines.

The WSPD’s Criminal Investigations Division responded to the scene and is investigating the shooting.

No suspect information has been made available

This is the 18th homicide of the year in Winston-Salem.

Anyone with any information regarding this investigation is asked to call the Winston-Salem Police Department at (336) 773-7700, Crime Stoppers at (336) 727-2800, or En Espanol (336) 728-3904. You can also view “Crime Stoppers of Winston-Salem Forsyth County” on Facebook.