WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — It’s an Airbnb decades in the making, and it’s right here in Winston-Salem.

Located in an unassuming ranch-style home near downtown Winston-Salem, Scott Leftwich created an arcade and an 80s-themed bedroom, bathroom and kitchen where guests can stay to escape into the past.

“You are completely submerged in all things 80s,” Leftwich told FOX8.

He says it all started with one game he bought back in 1996.

“I bought my first arcade game which was Frogger,” he said. “Paid 100 bucks for it, and that was probably too much at that time. From 1996 to 2006, this stuff was just worthless. To me, they were works of art.”

Over time, he built one of the largest private collections on the East Coast featuring games from the 1970s up to 1984, and, in October 2021, Leftwich decided to open the doors.

“Recently, my wife and I decided it might be a fun thing for people to do to time travel back to the 80s and visit the arcade via Airbnb,” he said. “I have stayed in several Airbnbs over the last two or three years and I just happened to think, ‘Ah, you know, I think I may have something here.'”

In addition to the fully-functioning arcade, the Airbnb includes an 80s-style bedroom complete with two twin beds, a 1986 Magnavox console, a TV with many VHS tapes and DVDs and two “retro couches where you can play any game console as we own every game system ever made from the beginning to CD platforms.”

“It was assembled within a matter of weeks because I already had everything. It was just, poof, there it was,” he said.

The Airbnb has two private entrances, private parking and Wifi, and guests can choose any three-hour block to play in the arcade.

So far, Leftwich says guests have had nothing but good things to say: “That’s totally awesome. That’s rad. Tubular.”

If you’re interested in staying in the Airbnb, visit the listing for Leftwich’s “80’s ARCADE + 80’s themed bedroom near downtown” in Winston-Salem. A stay costs $260 a night.