WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — When Shenise Wilson-Glenn and her husband were invited to a popular bridal show, it sounded like the perfect way to promote their business Pretty Southern Soul Catering.

Unfortunately, only being in business for about a year, they couldn’t afford the entry fee.

Wilson-Glenn figured they couldn’t be the only ones limited by their budget and wanted to create a more inclusive space.

“I started thinking I had never seen a show, a wedding show, for people who look like me, for businesses who look like me, and I thought why not put something on like that, but I admittedly had never done anything like that. That really wasn’t my forte,” she said.

When Wilson-Glenn contacted Temoura Jefferies, founder of The Buy Black Guide, Jeffries was excited to help create a financially accessible bridal show for Black-owned businesses.

“Sometimes we get kind of priced out of certain opportunities, so I want to be able to create opportunities that we all can take a part of,” she said.

All they needed was a space.

Patricia Degraffinreaidt, event manager at the Enterprise Conference and Event Center in Winston-Salem, was eager to offer her services.

“We were selected in December of 21 by Wedding Rule. We’re in the top 10 wedding venues here in Winston-Salem, so we are number 5 on that list, so I’m proud of that,” she said.

These three women are combining resources to host the Black is Beautiful Bridal Show.

All are welcome to attend the event exclusively highlighting African American vendors.

“Your caterers, your photographers, your florists, we still really need florists, DJs, bakers, hair and makeup, nails,” Wilson-Glenn said.

There’s something just for the guys too. The show will feature a man cave.

“While the women shop…you can lounge and pick up a cigar, pick up an accessory, a cufflink, so we’re definitely looking for more vendors to fill that space,” Jefferies said.

“I want them to walk away saying that ‘I had a good time. I went to the bridal show, and I found some vendors for my wedding, but I also had the most amazing time. It was fun. It was interactive. It was alive and I felt like it was for me,’” Wilson-Glenn said.

The Black is Beautiful Bridal Show will be held Saturday, May 7 from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Enterprise Conference and Event Center.

Early Bird tickets are available for $10.

Visit the website to purchase tickets or to sign up as a vendor or sponsor.