WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Nearly two weeks ago, we told you about school bus driver shortages across the Triad. Now, some of those numbers have improved.

Alamance-Burlington Schools added five drivers and is now short 20. Guilford County has remained the same with 66 full-time positions and 16 part-time driver positions open.

Rockingham County Schools have added a few drivers and expect to be at 100 percent once all drivers in training are certified.

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools have added about 10 drivers but are short 58 drivers heading into the school year, leading to thousands of kids arriving at school late. The district will not have enough drivers to get all 33,000 students that rely on the bus to school on time for the first day.

It will be about 15 minutes or more for students in all grade levels. There are a lot more kids that ride the bus home than to school, so the amount of kids impacted on the ride home is higher than in the morning.

“Parents, I know it is frustrating to be waiting for your child, but as long as you know where they are and they are safe, that helps a little bit,” said WS/FCS Superintendent Tricia McManus.

She is warning parents that the ride into the new school year will be off to a bumpy start.

“I want parents to know that we are working tirelessly to pick up kids on time, get them to school on time and get them home on time in the afternoon,” McManus said.

This week, the district is notifying parents directly about the exact pickup and drop-off times.

“We want them to be aware of that on day one, so they can plan ahead for it. School starts in about two weeks,” McManus said.

Each morning, 3,400 students will be late arriving at school. Each afternoon, 11,600 students will be late getting home.

“I’m thinking if a child is supposed to be arriving home at 4 p.m., it could be 4:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.,” McManus said.

Next week, the district’s drivers will go out on their test runs and make any adjustments. As new drivers come in, you can expect more changes.

“Even if we get five more drivers in we are going to continue to shift, change and evaluate everything we are doing to make it better,” said Tisha Davidson, the transportation director at WS/FCS.

The transportation director is still working to recruit. the district launched a new referral bonus for people with current CDL and S&P endorsements and current DOT medical. Once HR gives approval, the new driver and current driver would get a $1,000 bonus each.

If still employed by the end of January, they both will get an additional $1,000. The strategy is to hire people who already have the CDL because one of their biggest obstacles in hiring is getting drivers certified.

The other big barrier is starting pay. Right now it sits at $15 an hour. The district plans to ask the school board next month to raise that amount.

Another obstacle they face is how many kids are riding the bus.

Last year, they had 33,000 students signed up to ride the bus, but the actual number was closer to 17,000 students. The district is asking all parents if their child does not need the school bus this year to call and let them know so they can make their routes more efficient.