WINSTON SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Highway noise and construction work are making some Triad neighborhoods not so neighborly anymore.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation has been building a multi-lane freeway called the Northern Beltway.

It will loop around the Northern part of Winston-Salem and run through neighborhoods that used to be much quieter.

A construction site has been Charles Carr’s view for the last six months in the Nottinghill Drive Community.

He lives just feet away from the Northern Beltway project in Winston-Salem. During the day, he hears the most noise from construction and traffic.

“It hasn’t bothered me. It’s temporary,” Carr said.

Using an app on an iPhone around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, a sound meter showed decibels between 45 to 50.

At times, it would get as high as 70 decibels.

“The sound wall is really going to be appreciated,” Carr said.

A spokesperson with the NCDOT says that during the initial design of the project, communities were identified through a noise feasibility study and marked on public hearing maps to come up with the proposed wall locations.

It doesn’t mean a wall will be built. More studies will be done to see if noise mitigation is required.

If the criteria are met, a wall will go up to help reduce noise levels.

“I think it will do its job. It won’t completely cut it out…maybe about 50 percent of that’s going to be fine,” Carr said.

In rare cases, your community may see noise level increases that meet the threshold to place a sound wall, but there may not be enough homes impacted.

The cost of building the wall would be too expensive for the taxpayer.