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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — A man was tackled by security officials while trying to serve the WS/FCS school board papers during a board of education meeting on Tuesday night.

The man was cited for trespassing and resisting a public officer. He’s been banned from all WS/FCS properties.

Recess was called for five minutes after the incident.

Comments by community members resumed after the man was taken out of the room.

“I think everyone came in expecting to see that the mandate was going to get lifted in some fashion and give the parents and the students an option to wear the mask or not and I think they found a good compromise. I think the challenge is there’s a lot of us who would like to see it happen immediately and follow suit with some of the other schools,” said Jason Lucero, a WS/FCS parent.

The board voted to make masks optional in WS/FCS starting Monday, Feb. 28.

The content of the papers is unknown.