WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — A 5-year-old Winston-Salem girl remains in the ICU after she was hit by a car on New Walkertown Road on Sunday.

It happened just before 1 p.m. when Ahlanni-Christine Williamson and her dad Christopher were heading home from a family member’s house.

Christopher tells FOX8 they stopped on the sidewalk and looked both ways before crossing the street to get to the bus stop.

He describes his little girl running as fast as she could and a car coming towards her.

“I picked up my daughter. She was laying down…like a puppy. I picked her up and yelled ‘help me. Help me please,’ real loud,” said Williamson.

Emergency crews took Ahlanni to Brenner Children’s Hospital where she remains in the ICU.

It’s a scene Winston-Salem police officers say is common along New Walkertown Road.

“There are a lot of residents and businesses, so people are using this road to cross back and forth and not using the intersection and crosswalks,” said Lt. Jon Morris with the Winston-Salem Police Department.

There are three bus stops along the 2900 block of New Walkertown Road.

The closest crosswalks are down the street at the light. Many pedestrians run across the four lanes of traffic to try and catch the bus.

Williamson acknowledges his daughter was running across the road but believes the driver could have done more.

“He saw my daughter, and he hit her,” Williamson said.

The driver of the vehicle stopped after the incident happened and talked to investigators.

Investigators have not filed any charges in the case.