WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — This isn’t your grandfather’s NWA.

The National Wrestling Alliance has been around for generations.

It was founded in Iowa in 1948, starting as a governing body for the then hyper-regional wrestling groups operating on a territory system, transitioning to a stand-alone promotion in 2019 after being purchased by Billy Corgan in 2017.

Thrillbilly Silas Mason, Billy Corgan, Brad Jones, Kerry and Ricky Morton (WGHP)

Wrestlers are in the Triad over the weekend for the 2023 Crocket Cup, including WWE and NWA Hall of Famer Ricky Morton, who was famous for being one-half of the tag-team duo the Rock N’ Roll Express, winning numerous wrestling championships and a 1980s feud with fellow pro-wrestling legend Ric Flair. Morton is also joined by his son Kerry Morton and Thrillbilly Silas Mason among others who will be competing during the Crockett Cup at the Winston-Salem fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday.

Fanfest will be held between noon and four and the matches start at seven p.m. You can find out about buying tickets, or watch the matches Pay-Per-View on the NWA’s website.