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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Are you wondering when the snowplows will make it to your neighborhood?

The North Carolina Department of Transportation said it prioritizes certain roadways based on connectivity, traffic volume, trucking routes and importance to hospitals.

The first priority of NCDOT snow-clearing crews is focused on interstates and four-lane divided primary roads.

The second priority is given to U.S. and N.C. Routes that aren’t included in the first group.

Third priority is given to other paved roads that are considered “secondary.”

The fourth and lowest priority is given to unpaved roads.


Officials said crews do not remove snow and ice from sidewalks or clear driveways and entrances.

NCDOT and State Highway Patrol do have the authority to remove abandoned vehicles from the shoulders of roadways during a snow event, according to North Carolina state law.

Snow, sleet and freezing rain impacted the Charlotte area roadways Sunday, creating slick conditions across the region.

Whether it’s heavy snow or ice, roads will be slick, treacherous, and downright dangerous. Please stay home. If you must go out in an emergency, make sure you have a winter safety kit in the car (blanket, snacks, water, scrapers, charged phone…in case you get stuck).

The storm will be clear of the Carolinas Monday morning, but freezing temperatures will cause snow and ice to refreeze. Icy roads will continue to be a big concern.