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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Delta 9 THC is one of more than 120 variations of cannabis.

Last week, a Lakeshore Middle School student was charged after school officials say she brought Delta 9 THC gummies to campus. School officials say some kids took the gummies and required hospitalization.

At Blue Flowers stores across Queen City, there are many options for cannabis products. Owner Joslyn Brown is a pharmacist, she started the cannabis store because she couldn’t find enough information about cannabinoids like CBD.

“There are all the different cannabinoids, CBD, Delta 8, Delta 9, CBN, they each kind of have a slightly different effect,” Brown said.

Delta 9 is touted for its psychoactive effects among other potential uses.

“Delta 9 can be really great for inflammation and pain. Delta nine is not the only cannabinoid, there are many other cannabinoids,” Brown said. “Inflammation and pain are very common. It’s also very relaxing and can be helpful with sleep.”

Brown says it should be kept away from children like traditional pharmaceuticals.

“If it was liquor, or if it was acetaminophen or another kind of, you know, even cold and flu medicine, you would be scared if a child got in and started taking more than they should,” Brown said. “So, I would say it was just that same level of safety that you would want to take with any of those types of products to protect this.”

Authorities now say the female student could face felony possession with intent to sell or deliver. Attorney Rod Kight says the Drug Enforcement Agency does not recognize Delta 9 with 0.3% THC as a controlled substance.

“It’s not a crime to possess them or to use them. But there are other laws that come into play like the FDA Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act at both the federal and the state levels. Those also apply and those protect safety. “Anyone can access them whether online or at convenience stores or smoke shops.”

Kight says common-sense regulations can help keep the products out of the wrong hands.

“There are no laws on the books, there are no regulations in North Carolina that would prohibit that,” Kight said. “As someone who represents businesses, our industry wants regulations that are reasonable.”

Brown says education can help consumers understand how to use legal products responsibly.

“Once you start learning more and get more educated about the nuances of the medical benefits, and the ability to use it in many different people, not just for recreational use, that you start to understand that it’s not as scary as it used to be,” Brown said.

There’s a lot of information to consume about the cannabis industry. Blue Flowers hosts the Queen City Cannabis cup once a year to help educate people.