CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Outside Northlake Mall, there were plenty of emergency service vehicles on Thursday afternoon when shots were fired on the upper level.

People working in the mall say they knew something was wrong way before the shots because people were arguing.

“Soon as we ran up the stairs, we kind of jumped in and tried to separate the people that were fighting,” said Rickey Dixon, a sergeant first class with the North Carolina Army National Guard.

Dixon and three others were working in the Army National Guard recruiting office just below Prime Jewelers, where the fight occurred. The men tried to break it up, and a man pulled a gun and started shooting.

“Immediately after I heard the shots, I turned around and looked for my partner; I saw him getting up,” added Dixon. “He was alive and safe. And that’s when we saw the victim lying on the ground bleeding.”

Dixon called for others to get supplies and made a chest seal out of a plastic bag.

“Hey, look, we’re not going to let this guy die on us,” he said.

The seal keeps air from entering the wound to prevent further internal damage. Another man entered the jewelry store and placed a tourniquet on an innocent bystander shot.

Rickey Dixon served in Baghdad from 2008 to 2010. He has a Combat Infantry badge on his uniform, meaning he saw combat and used the medical skills from that training.

“In the course of being trained to be an infantryman, we also have to learn to save our buddies,” says Dixon. “Because if they are injured, we have to immediately perform buddy aid.”

The victims were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

CMPD arrested Xavior Alexander and charged him with attempted murder and assault.

Jadah Van Williams was charged with assault.

A 17-year-old was charged with assault.

The men agree they reacted as a team and did a good deed; they just never thought it would be at a mall.

“This is where we live,” says Dixon. “We should not have to deal with anything combat related.”