FRANKLIN, N.C. (WGHP) — A baby emu has a new lease on life after some intrepid rescuers worked hard to find him a place to go.

Lemu was rescued by Bella View Farm Animal Sanctuary. He was found in Wisconsin, kept in a tote bag with a slipped tendon. He was half the size of his siblings and hadn’t had any rehab for his condition.

Rhonda from BVFAS put out a plea for transportation on social media to help get Lemu from Wisconsion to Franklin. Some good Samaritans rallied behind Rhonda to help Lemu.

Once Lemu was home safe, he still needed something to help him with his recovery journey. Seven different goats at BVFAS already use wheelchairs, so Rhonda knew she could call on Walkin’ Pets for help with Lemu.

So they got Lemu a fully supportive wheelchair, helping him take the first steps to live independently at his new home in the sanctuary. But Lemu didn’t just walk, he ran into his new life! This chair will help Lemu live a good life suitable for him and his special needs.

This is a first-of-its-kind effort, which opens doors for other animals to find freedom down the road. Rhonda says that having wheels helps keep Lemu from getting depressed, and Walkin’ Pets said they were “thrilled” to help the little guy.