RALEIGH, N.C. (WGHP) – The continued low unemployment across North Carolina and the nation remains the case in the Piedmont Triad, too.

Of the 14 counties in the Triad, 10 showed another tick down in unemployment in April, and three others stayed the same as in March. Only Alleghany County, which rose from 3.3% in March to 3.4%, posted an increase. The figures are based on calculations by the NC Department of Commerce.

Only Guilford County (4%) and Rockingham County (3.9%) were above the statewide (and national) average of 3.6%, but Guilford County had the largest improvement in the Triad, down by .2 percentage points from March. Rockingham, like all other counties showing declines, dropped by .1.

County-by-county unemployment rates in April. (NC DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE)

Stokes County (2.9%) and Surry County (3%) reported the best rates in the Triad. Each of those improved this month, and Davie (3.1%) remained the same.

If you look at the figures based on metro areas, the Greensboro-High Point area, which includes Randolph and Rockingham counties, is at 3.7% and added 1,500 jobs in April and 13,000 new jobs in the past year, a 3.7% increase.

The Winston-Salem MSA, which includes Davidson, Davie, Stokes and Yadkin counties, is performing very well, at 2.1% unemployment, but lost 1,000 jobs in April. The area has added 5,600 this year, about a 2.1% increase.

The Burlington MSA is at 2.2%, adding 500 jobs this month and 1,400 this year (a 2.2% increase). Among 15 metro areas statewide, 12 showed decreases, and three remained the same.

The state picture

Orange and Chatham counties had the lowest unemployment (2.6%), and Edgecombe County had the highest (7.4%). Asheville and Durham-Chapel Hill metro areas had the lowest (2.8%), and Rocky Mount had the highest (5.8%).

All counties and metro areas were significantly lower than a year ago. North Carolina added 23,922 jobs in April, and the number of unemployed residents dropped by 6,924. Since April 2021, there have been 247,774 new jobs added.

The national picture

The national report on Friday showed unemployment in May remained at 3.6%, which is just above a 50-year low, the Labor Department reported. An estimated 390,000 jobs were added last month. Total employment is about 822,000 short of pre-pandemic levels.

Employers had reported hiring 6.6 million employees in April, adding 428,000 new jobs, the 12th consecutive month of at least 400,000 new jobs.

There also were about half a million fewer job openings nationally, but the gap had been large between openings and available workers.

Triad unemployment data

                             Apr  Mar ‘21   

Alamance          3.4    3.5    4.9

Alleghany           3.4    3.3    4.7

Caswell              3.6    3.8    5.5

Davidson            3.2    3.3    4.8

Davie                  3.1    3.1    5.3

Forsyth               3.5    3.6    5.1

Guilford              4.0    4.2    5.8

Montgomery   3.3    3.4    4.7

Randolph          3.2    3.3    4.9

Rockingham     3.9    4.0    5.8

Stokes                 2.9    3.0    4.4

Surry                   3.0    3.1    4.5

Wilkes                3.5    3.5    4.8

Yadkin               3.1    3.1    4.6