CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A shooting on Thursday afternoon closed down Northlake Mall. Shots were fired after an argument, leaving two people injured.

Police have charged Xavior Alexander, 19, with attempted murder and assault, Jadah Van Williams, 19, with assault, and a 17-year-old with assault.

Twenty-four hours later, some shoppers are still talking about what happened.

“I don’t trust my children here, so when I do come to the mall I come alone,” said Jazmin Cunningham as she left the mall. “If they do want me to pick anything, I pick it up for them.”

The mall did reopen on Friday, and, on the website, it said Northlake Mall thanks CMPD for its continued support and resources.

“We do have increased security there absolutely,” added Northlake Mall spokesperson, Nicole Peternel. “We’re constantly re-evaluating ways to keep our shoppers, tenants, and employees safe.”

Some shoppers didn’t see it that way. There were more police cars in the parking lot and security walking around in the mall, but a larger presence wasn’t noticeable.

“I was deep inside the mall,” said Cunningham. “I went in every shoe store, up and down stairs, I went in every one Christmas shopping. I see no extra security.”

“If you could see the security all through the mall it would probably give a sense of safety,” added Sharon Robinson, after she finished shopping. “I mean I know they have that tower out there, so I’m hoping someone is looking out as far as the parking lot.”

Many said they had to come back to the mall because there was still Christmas shopping to be done. But some take pause when hearing CMPD said Northlake is a safe place to shop.

“I would say professionally, they are full of crap,” said Cunningham. “It’s safe to shop online, that’s safe. That’s not even all the way safe, because of scams, but you have a better chance of surviving alive online than in the store, especially Northlake Mall.”