RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Jenine Gregory is living a double life. It is one she did not ask for.

“I did not know her. Never heard of her,” said Jenine Gregory, who works as an ultrasound technician.

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She performs ultrasounds on patients to help doctors diagnose medical conditions.

Gregory lives in New Jersey with no ties to North Carolina. In 2015, Roanoke Rapids police called to tell her another woman was using her medical credentials at Halifax Regional Center.

“All the exams she did. These exams that were billed for. Were they done correctly? Were people diagnosed correctly?” asked Gregory.

According to the Halifax County Deputy Clerk, Jenine Marie Ellis pleaded guilty in Halifax County to felony identity theft and received a 15-to-27-month sentence.

Gregory thought that was the end of it.

Fast forward to 2023 and Gregory said she received another phone call.

This time it was Duke University police.

“She applied for a job. She’s supposed to start Monday and I believe she’s using your license. I was like, are you kidding me? I thought she was in jail, and he said no she’s been out three years,” according to Gregory.

Ellis was once again arrested for identity theft in August 2023.

But this time, Ellis is armed with new information.

Gregory said Ellis also has her social security number and driver’s license number.

“I’m so bothered that first she’s working under my license. She could be committing crimes under my license,” said Gregory.

Between 2015 and 2023, we have confirmed three North Carolina hospitals hired Ellis.

Halifax Regional Medical Center, UNC Health Southeastern in Lumberton and Duke University Hospital.

Before she could start work at Duke the police arrested her for using Gregory’s credentials as her own.

Court records show it is just the latest charge against Ellis dating all the way back to 2008.

Charges range from identity theft to fraud.

“She is in these hospitals and has patient access. Patient records, patient identities, patient belongings, her coworkers’ belongings. Her coworkers’ identities. It blows my mind,” said Gregory.

Ellis lives in Raleigh.

We went to get her side of the story, but she refused to talk to us.

Gregory said the not-for-profit that controls her credentials, The American Registry for Diagnostic Sonography or the ARDMS refused to change her credential numbers in 2015.

She said that is how Ellis continued using it, and how she got access to her social security number and driver’s license.

ARDMS, however, denies they are to blame.

We reached out to all three hospitals for statements.

Statement from Duke Health:

“We do not comment on active investigations.”

Statement from UNC Health Southeastern:

“Identity theft is a serious crime and we sympathize with Ms. Gregory and the far-reaching impact this has had on her life.

The individual was a contracted employee hired through the staffing agency SimpliFi. We were reliant upon this agency to verify their professional credentials. When we contract with outside agencies for staffing, it is our expectation that the individual meets standards and requirements appropriate for the position for which they are contracted.

Ms. Ellis was a registered sonographer before losing her credentials due to actions not related to her profession. For any patients with which she interacted, we reviewed their records carefully to ensure there were no issues related to quality and no irregularities were discovered. For all scans performed, a physician was responsible for final evaluation of medical information, therefore, she was not responsible for any medical diagnosis.

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As soon as the alleged misrepresentation was discovered, we contacted the agency through which the individual was contracted and immediately terminated her association with our health system.”

Statement from ECU Health (Formerly called Halifax Regional Medical Center):

“Patient and team member privacy is a top priority for ECU Health. Halifax Regional Medical Center became a part of the system in 2019. We cannot speak to policies, processes or procedures prior to the hospital joining ECU Health.”