RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Days after a rescue announced the astonishing 15 puppies born to a Great Dane in their care, a wave of support has come crashing in.

“Seriously amazing. I can’t walk on my front porch,” said Nicole Kincaid, founder and director of Imperfectly Perfect Pups in a video showing her entire porch filled with donations for the dogs.

The 15 puppies were born to Meadow, a dog in the rescue’s care. It’s not a world record litter but it’s the largest ever born to a dog in PIPs’ care.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before,” said Shari Wilson who is fostering Meadow and her pups in her home before they are adopted. She took the new mother in two days before the puppies were born.

“My primary responsibility is to look after Mama so that she can look after the babies,” said Wilson.

Meadow labored for hours giving birth to 14 pups. Wilson thought she was done laboring and cleaned up. She learned hours later that Meadow wasn’t quite finished.

“I took her out to use the bathroom and I was like, what is that? Puppy number 15 was born in the front yard,” Wilson said.

Kincaid said all 16 dogs are doing well.

“We were in shock that we had 15 and I think what is even better is that all 15 are surviving, they’re thriving, they’re eating, they’re growing, and we don’t have anybody that’s kind of lagging behind or not gaining weight,” Kincaid said.

“She’s a great mama. She cleans up after the puppies really well. So, there’s really not much for me to do except just monitor things,” Wilson said.

Since CBS 17 first reported the litter’s birth, Kincaid has received more than 100 emails and a porch full of donations. She said the rescue is seeing support like never before.

The donations will go to good use. By the time the puppies are adopted out, Kincaid believes they’ll eat about 800 cups of food.

Wilson hopes the litter creates more awareness about the need to support rescues and for more foster homes.

“I think it’s great for Meadow to raise awareness for dogs that need to be in fosters. You know, the shelters are full. So I think it’s great that, you know, her situation is being used for good,” said Wilson.

At just two years old, Meadow is in her sixth home since February of this year. Kincaid also hopes this can serve as an educational moment for people to fully consider the commitment of a pet.

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“She’s so sweet. She’s such a great dog. People get dogs and they don’t do the research on the size of the dog or the breed they have and then realize it’s too much work. They give it away, then that person gives it away and then that person and that’s exactly what happened in Meadow’s case,” said Kincaid.

To help, donors can shop the rescue’s Amazon Wishlist of needed items from food to training pads. Otherwise, monetary donations are also accepted. Check out PIPs donate page here.

Looking to adopt? You can see all of the dogs available for adoption from PIPs online here.