GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – On Monday, De’Quazious Isaiah Pollard was taken into custody by the Greenville Police Department for his suspected role in the Greenville Mall shooting last Friday.

Pollard was charged with two counts of Attempted First Degree Murder and Going Armed to the Terror of the People.

Greenville Chief of Police Ted Sauls said there was still a lot of unknown information, and the police department was doing everything it could to make sure an event like the one would not happen again.

“As a resident, a citizen, a shopper and a member of the law enforcement, completely uncalled for, no place for it in this community or any community,” Sauls said.

While Pollard is in custody, Sauls said the reasons for the fight are unclear.

“The individuals that engaged in the fight, one or both of them had been in a dispute with the person they were fighting with previously. And this opportunity gave them a second chance to fight. And then the shooter introduced himself into it by taking action,” said Sauls.

Sauls said the Greenville Police Department is working with the mall and recommending measures so people feel safe again.

“Lighting, lots of good lighting, the criminal element typically does not like to be seen, so we make it very obvious when we are in the parking lot and when we’re moving around,” Sauls said. “Cameras are a great deterrent, especially if the camera has a light on it, so the person knows ‘the light catches my attention, now they see who I am, maybe I’ll think twice.’

“Armed security, private armed security is an option for private establishments, and I personally think that the criminal element will think twice about employing a deadly weapon whether it be a knife or a bat, a firearm in this case, if they think that the security that is there may be able to respond accordingly.”

But the challenge will be figuring out what shoppers are willing to tolerate in the name of safety, Sauls said.

“Introduction of metal detectors at a retail establishment, it may prevent getting weapons in. Knives, guns and things of that nature, but how is it going to be received by the shopper? Are people going to want to shop somewhere where they have to go through that hassle?” Sauls said.

Sauls also said he wanted the community to be prepared, not paranoid.

“We cannot go through life worrying about every turn and everything around every corner. I would say that your police department in this city is extremely progressive, very visible, and our response to our key locations where people are going to be gathered is as good as I’ve ever seen it,” said Sauls.

In response to the Black Friday mall shooting, Sauls said people can expect to see more visible police officers on foot and that safety discussions with the mall will continue on Friday.