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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A Greensboro man is still in the hospital undergoing surgery after someone hit him head-on driving the wrong way down Interstate 40.

“Waking up, you know I thought it was a dream, but when I seen it, it shocked me because it’s Christmas, and nobody deserves to lose their family,” said Lashanda Davis. Davis is a cousin of Traveras Chrisp, who the family calls T.T.

Davis woke up on Christmas Eve morning to the news T.T. was in critical condition at Moses Cone Hospital.

“I miss his smile. I miss his goofiness. He’s very, very goofy. You can’t help not to love him. He’s a lovable person,” said Davis.

According to posts from family members, T.T. is doing better and underwent surgery Monday morning.

He was riding shotgun early on Christmas Eve in Tony Vinson’s car. Family members tell FOX8 that Tony was like another father to T.T.

According to police, William Grimes was heading the wrong way down the interstate near South Elm Eugene Street and crashed into the car head-on.

Both Grimes and Tony died, and T.T. was thrown from the car.

“It’s just empty knowing we have somebody in the hospital at this moment who you can’t do nothing but pray for them,” said Davis.

Shaylon Johnson considered Tony his uncle. He had a bright and fun personality, just like his Thunderbird he was driving the night of the crash.

“I would love to be able to be in the financial place to get the car restored and fixed up because I know he would love that,” said Johnson.

Family members tell FOX8 both men always took time to tell and show their family they loved them.

“My daughter is two and she doesn’t say Tony, she says, ‘Tomy, where’s Tomy?’ When she asks that now, I don’t know what to say or what to do about it,” said Johnson.

FOX8 reached out to T.T.’s immediate family for an update on the surgery but have not heard back.