THOMASVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — People will soon be able to enjoy year-round swimming at a New Aquatic and Community Center.

Crews have been working hard for about five months.

The Veterans Memorial Park Swimming Pool, which was built more than seven decades ago, was demolished in May.

Since then, the 25,000-square-foot facility located on Stadium Drive has transformed the area.

“We’ll have obviously the pool and aquatic area…active throughout the summer months, but then the community will have a council chamber, meeting space, recreational program space as well. So we’ll get 12 months of use out of this facility,” said Cory Tobin, the City of Thomasville Parks and Recreation director.

He walked us through the new recreational rooms that’ll be offered year-round.

“Partitions will allow the room to be one room or pull partitions to have two rooms or three. You can then access the pool deck in the off-season. Can have a birthday party here,” Tobin said.

Marcie Batton is thrilled with the idea and has plans on how she can use the space when her grandson comes to visit.

“His birthday is in December, so we can have his birthday party over there. Plus they’ll be swimming meets…the competitions…I’m excited about that, too,” Batton said.

The 18-foot-tall slide is one of the most requested features people asked for when hearing a new community center would be built in Thomasville.

The slide has three turns and will empty into a 200,000-gallon pool.

“It’s like a miniature Emerald Pointe with the splash pads, and slide,” Batton said.

The goal was to also make this space inclusive for everyone.

“Prior to what we did have, this is a 0 to 99 facility,” Tobin said. “Toddlers can use it. Our senior citizens can use it.”

There are diamonds marked in the lower end of the pool for seniors to water walk, a splash pad, a concession stand and an area for food trucks.

There are also plans to add a walking trail to extend from the facility to the city’s greenways.

City leaders hope to have the center opened by the first part of next year.