Woman rescues family from burning car in High Point after seeing crash from BBQ Joe’s drive-through

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HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — The driver involved in a Dec. 16 crash off Fairfield Road in High Point is out of the hospital after she underwent five surgeries. The 32-year-old woman’s husband told FOX8 she faces a long recovery at home, including outpatient rehabilitation. 

It’s an update Angela Hill has waited three weeks to hear after seeing the crash from the drive-through at BBQ Joe’s restaurant. 

“The lady in the van, she came just over the hill, hit the line right there and just kept going. Her foot was on the gas. She never let off the gas,” Hill explained.  

The minivan hit a guy wire and brought down a power pole before crashing into a trailer parked in the restaurant parking lot. 

“Black tar and smoke was flying everywhere because the tires were still spinning. Then they started sparking because of the rims,” Hill recalled. 

She realized there were five children inside, the youngest just 18-months-old, and worked to get them out in case the engine exploded. 

“When I went in to get the little girl out the window, I still have a gash in my head right here from the glass where the van knocked me sideways,” she said Thursday. “But the kids were worth more than me. I feel like they needed me more than I needed to worry about myself.” 

Hill busted out the window with a tire tool to reach inside and cut the engine before turning her attention to the driver. 

“I saw her head hit when the truck went through the windshield. And the glass, I saw it go back. I was worried she was dead,” she said. 

The mother behind the wheel pleaded for help, and Hill reassured her before crews rushed her to the hospital.  

“I just grabbed her hand and talked to her and told her I got her kids out,” she said. 

Hill called the hospital for updates but was unable to get them. On Thursday, she shared her relief learning the driver is now home. 

“I’m just glad her and her family are safe, and I’m just glad I could help them any way I can…if they need me for anything I’d be there,” she said.

She lost her own son three years ago to an accidental overdose and says taking action is just a mother’s instinct. 

“Of course, I thought about him because I was like maybe I could save them. I couldn’t save him, but I could save them. Anybody, especially when it comes to kids, you don’t hesitate.” Hill said. “That’s what I was meant to be. Right here. Right then. I believe that with everything that’s in me that I was meant to be here for that.” 

High Point police told FOX8 the woman had only received her license three weeks earlier, and they believe she may have mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brakes. 

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