WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — North Carolina has tons of great breweries all across the state.

Each one has a little different character in what they serve, and most have a reputation for their distinctive flavors.

One Winston-Salem brewery is becoming known not for hops and barley but for giving back to their community.

And now they’re helping out those who want to rebuild one of North Carolina’s most iconic locations with a special brew.

Foothill Brewing has been making and bottling beer since 2005 and now they work just as hard to make lives better. It’s these things that have built Foothills up into one of the premier breweries in North Carolina.

They enjoy showcasing some of the great things in North Carolina. They even named one of their first beers after Pilot Mountain.

“You know, I’ve always been an avid hiker,” Jamie Batholomaus said.

That’s why the wildfires at Pilot Mountain last year hurt so much. It’s a local landmark and a place that Jamie and many of his employees liked to visit or take their families.

“Having a fire of that size in North Carolina is rare. And then to have it so close to Winston is kind of unbelievable,” Jamie said.

Their Pilot Mountain Pale Ale wasn’t on the menu at the time, but after seeing the damage of the fire, they figured it was a good time to bring it back.

The Pilot Mountain Pale Ale returned for a special run as a way to raise money to restore this national treasure.

This isn’t a new thing for Foothills. They do it all the time. They call it their Craft Happiness Project. Over the years they’ve worked with more than 60 North Carolina non-profits who receive a cut of the money from a special run beer or a special event.

They’ve come together with a brew to help groups that fight homelessness, rehabilitate wildlife and even local spay and neuter programs.

Now they’re gearing up to help our mountain.

Every 12-pack of Pilot Mountain Pale Ale will have a QR code on top. Not only does simply purchasing the beer help, but if you scan the code it will take you to the Friends of Sauratown Mountain website and you can make a donation to the group helping maintain our trails and mountains.

You can visit the Foothills Brewing website to find out where to buy Foothills products or purchase a Pilot Mountain t-shirt, or you can always visit their brewpub in Winston-Salem.

The menu is always changing at Foothills Brewing, but one thing never changes: they love the idea of helping others. That’s why they’re giving everyone a chance to buy one more round for an old friend.