ARCHDALE, N.C. (WGHP) — From the first Wednesday in June to the third Wednesday in September, Wednesday nights at Davis Rodeo Ranch only means one thing.

“We’ll get over 1000 people here on Wednesday night. It’s crazy,” Jerome Davis said. “I don’t know it does my heart good watching kids ride.”

Wild West Wednesday is a chance for younger riders to come out and show their stuff.

“It just makes my day. 10 times better that I know that there’s people out here that still believes and bull riding and cowboys,” Noah Flynt said.

It also gives lots of people a chance to get back into that ‘wild west’ lifestyle! From barrel racing to bull riding – it all goes down on Wednesday nights – all while giving competitors the opportunity to get some experience.

“Right now my goal is just to get good at what I’m doing now these smaller hometown pro rodeos and get good at it and then step up into the PBR and then eventually win a World Series,” Austin Baugess said.

Most of the people who attend have loved rodeo from their earliest days.

“I was 16 days old, and my mom’s always had horses when she was growing up so I started riding horses, and I fell in love with it. So then I just started running barrels,” Josey Pulaski said.

These riders won’t stop at anything to get to their dreams, even when the sport can get intimidating, but every ride is one step closer to accomplishing something even bigger. “You get some nerves in you. And if anybody says ain’t got no nerves, they’re lying. Like you get in on the back of an 1800-pound bull,” Flynt said.

“I’m like scared to death whenever I’m walking on the alleyway and then as soon as he takes off running, I’m like, Ah, I got this,” Pulaski said.

“It’s a passion and I feel like when people have a passion or they’re involved, especially kids, you know, an idling mind’s dangerous. You know what I mean? And I feel like all these kids getting involved with rodeo and horses and if anything, I feel like it keeps them out of trouble,” Davis said.

There’s one more Wednesday in the wild west this season, but make sure to come back next summer.