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GREESNBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The wife of a Guilford County detention officer allegedly attacked by an inmate viewed surveillance video of the assault on Friday morning. 

The footage has not been released publicly, but Candy Kaminsky was able to see it several times. 

Deputies say 71-year-old Officer Sheldon Kaminsky was the victim of an unprovoked attack on July 15 at the detention center in Greensboro. 

Candy said she became angry after watching a violent assault against her husband. 

“My husband was behind the officer’s desk. It’s about a five-foot-long stand-up level desk,” she explained.  

Candy said an inmate, later identified as 21-year-old Elijah Evans, approached her husband twice in a general population area of the jail. 

The video did not have audio, but Candy said the inmate appeared agitated. 

“He sticks his hand across the desk and into my husband’s face in a threatening manner, at which time my husband bats his hand away,” she described. “He steps back like he’s going to walk away again. And he goes right around the end of the desk and…behind the desk where my husband is, and Sheldon appears that he saw it coming, and he tried to move out of the way or step away or deflect the punch.” 

She said her husband fell to the ground after he was hit and remained motionless as the inmate hit him four more times. 

Candy explained that the response team arrived just 14 seconds later and that the entire ordeal lasted just 20 seconds. 

“The black line just isn’t going to stop anybody that wants to attack you. We need something, or they need something more secure than just a black line on the floor to keep the inmates at bay,” she said. 

Sheriff Danny Rogers addressed the attack briefly on Friday. 

“Policies and procedures were in place,” he said. “That individual that assaulted the detention officer was totally out of order.”   

Candy said her husband has not made much progress in the past few days, but he has not lost ground either. 

Sheldon experienced serious brain trauma and brain bleeding. 

“We’ve got to protect our officers and deputies more than we do. And that’s all there is to it,” his wife said. 

Evans was charged with felony assault on an on-duty detention officer inflicting serious injury and felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to inflict serious injury.