‘When will enough be enough?’; Greensboro police union calls for more funding, support after attacks against officers

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The Greensboro Police Officers Association is asking city leaders for more support and funding after attackers allegedly targeted officers twice in the last year, according to a statement Thursday.

The union says officers have been leaving the police department and transferring to police departments in other areas with less danger, less work and better pay. GPD is currently understaffed by about 100 officers, GPOA said.

For these reasons, the union called for Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan and the Greensboro City Council to publicly support the police department, condemn “physical and verbal attacks” against Greensboro officers and allocate more funds for the police department to increase wages and offer incentives.

The union is also calling for the public release of all body-worn camera video in full. GPOA believes that the public should see “the daily perils of our officers, as well as their outstanding efforts and appropriate responses.”

“There are some self-promoting and self-interested local leaders that would instead want to screen, edit
and take out of context portions of such footage in an effort to misguide citizens as to what to think
and how to respond as a narrative for their own personal agenda,” the association said. “That small group does not change our position and our demand for total transparency.”

In the past year, two officers were lured to locations and attacked in what the association calls “pre-meditated assaults by the use of deadly physical force.” One of the officers was a 22-year veteran of the force. The other was a rookie officer months out of Police Academy.

On Monday, Officer DA Young stopped a vehicle, and Louis Latrell Harrison III allegedly tried to shoot the officer. Harrison was arrested on multiple charges including assault on a law enforcement officer and assault with a deadly weapon. GPOA says, after the attack, Harrison received a $50,000 cash bond during his first appearance Tuesday.

“The GPOA expresses frustration and incredulity at the lack of outcry against the attack on police officers and the lack of support for our officers,” the association said. “WHERE IS THE UPROAR FROM OUR LOCAL LEADERS? WHERE IS THE PUBLIC CONCERN? WHERE IS THE PUBLIC ACTION? WHEN WILL ENOUGH BE ENOUGH?”

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