GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Memorial Day Weekend is a big weekend for pools in the Piedmont Triad with many of them opening on Saturday, May 27. The pool decks are expected to be packed opening weekend.

Guilford County Pools had to delay its opening weekend last year, but that won’t be an issue this season. There are plenty of lifeguards trained and ready to make sure you and your family stay safe all season long.

“We’re in a better position than we were last year,” said Anthony Ellison, Guilford County assistant Parks and Recreation director.

All three of Guilford County’s pools at Bur-Mil, Northeast and Hagan-Stone parks are fully staffed for the 2023 season. More than 70 lifeguards and pool manager staff were hired.

“This weekend, we’re going to be bringing staff in a little bit early and actually overstaffing so that way they get the experience, the crowds in the pools at one time,” said Ellison.

While the lifeguards feel ready, park staff need kids and parents to pay attention at the pool.

“While our lifeguards will be doing their job scanning and then looking for different situations in our pools, in our bodies of water, parents are still going to be the key to the success of a safety program,” said Ellison.

Guilford County lifeguards made 75 rescues last season.

Burlington’s aquatics director offered a reminder that things can change fast in and around a pool.

“Stay vigilant and alert, because it could take 10 seconds and the kid’s gone underwater, and, you know, if you if you’re not looking, you’re not watching for that, you miss it,” said Samantha Karlson, City of Burlington aquatics director.

Samantha Karlson said drowning is silent.

Burlington’s city pools have the staff, but, with more than a thousand people expected during opening weekend, lifeguards need any extra eyes watching the waters.

“We don’t want, you know, little kids running off and jumping in deep ends where they’re not supposed to be,” said Karlson.

In Winston-Salem, they take a more cautious approach with swimmers.

“We swim test every single person under the age of 18 so that we know their swimming skills. If they can’t swim, we put a wristband on them and give them a lifejacket. If they can swim, we put a green wristband on them and we let them go,” said Heather Candelora, City of Winston-Salem Recreation and Parks aquatics supervisor.

Lifeguards at pools in Guilford County, Burlington and Winston-Salem are undergoing additional training and rescue practice each day this week in preparation for opening day on Saturday.