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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — A serious crash on a busy interstate in Davie County put a 2-month-old in the hospital.

Nina Roop was driving in a construction zone on I-40 when another driver slammed into her car from behind.

“The only thing I kept thinking was, God please let him be alive, please let him be OK. That’s the most helpless feeling you could ever imagine,” Roop said.

On June 25, the Roops were driving home to Taylorsville following a doctor’s appointment for their son in Winston-Salem when everything changed.

“I went to lift my head to look in the mirror to ask Wesley if Tucker had calmed down or fell asleep. Before I could get my head lifted, the next thing I knew it was, wham!” Roop said.

Highway patrol says the driver of the car that rear-ended them failed to slow down and hit them at 55 mph compared to their 8 mph.

“The impact part was hard but opening the door and seeing Tucker was probably the scariest, it was horrific,” Roop said.

Tucker Roop’s dad was also in the backseat and suffered serious injuries. He is recovering from a collapsed lung, three broken ribs and a back injury.

Roop says everyone is guilty of not keeping their mind on driving at some point, but we must do better.

“Imagine, you know, because I most definitely will now for sure, that every car that’s around you are your family member in that car and in the blink of an eye your whole life can change, their whole life can change, because ours got turned upside down,” Roop said.

Doctors told her to prepare for Tucker not to make it. More than a week later he’s lifting his arms and making progress.

The Roops are staying close while he’s being treated at Brenner Children’s Hospital. They will continue to stay at hotels in Winston-Salem until their miracle baby makes a full recovery.

“The fact that he’s still with us is the biggest blessing that I could ask for. Now we just need to get him to the point where we can get him home, we want him home,” Roop said.

The Roops are asking for prayers as they prepare for doctors to successfully remove Tucker’s breathing tube on Wednesday.

If you want to support Tucker and his family, you can donate to their GoFundMe page.