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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — A Wake Forest University student was allegedly drugged at an off-campus party.

Now, University leaders are warning students to stay vigilant as this is the third case this semester involving students having something dangerous put in their drinks without their knowledge.

FOX8 has learned that the 18-year-old woman who was allegedly drugged and the 20-year-old man accused of committing the crime knew one another.

The incident happened at an off-campus fraternity party.

Some students said the school should have sounded the alarm after the first time it happened.

“I think it was kind of surprising I guess that we hadn’t heard about it already. I know the school has dealt with some problems of transparency including with safety issues,” said Caleb Strickland, a WFU junior.

More transparency is what some students at Wake Forest are asking administrators for in the wake of a third incident involving a student being unknowingly drugged this semester.

“It’s definitely scary just know it’s going on around here,” said Allie Streck, a WFU freshman.

Winston-Salem police said an 18-year-old woman came in Sunday to report she could not remember what happened to her from the night she went to an off-campus fraternity party but believed drugs had been put in her drink by a 20-year-old fraternity member.

“It just makes me sad that some of the students who are very smart and very capable at Wake would be participating in,” Strickland said.

By Sunday afternoon, WFU officials sent out a notification to students stating this was the third time it had happened this semester and that they take the allegations seriously. The university recommends students not leave their drinks unattended or accept them from people they don’t know, among other suggestions.

The school’s statement goes on to give students a list of resources and asks them to speak up if they see something like this happening to someone.

“I would definitely alert them and probably come over and snatch it from them,” Streck said.

“Maybe I would not directly notify that person because it might cause violent conflict. It might not be so safe for me so I have to avoid that, but I have to do something,” said Zezhong Zhang, a WFU grad student and WFU undergrad alum.

For some students, the allegations don’t come as a surprise.

“My experience at Wake, it’s a large party culture and part of that is to be expected. People doing things that they shouldn’t be doing,” Strickland said.

Most students told FOX8 it’s a serious offense that should have serious repercussions for the accused.

“I think definitely they should be expelled. They’re putting others in harm and they clearly have malicious intentions with it,” Streck said.

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WSPD officials said the female accuser has chosen not to press charges against the man and that a rape kit was not conducted per the woman’s request; therefore, Sunday’s case is no longer active.

Now, it will be left up to WFU officials to take any further disciplinary action against the student accused of drugging the woman.

According to WSPD, Sunday’s incident is the only one this semester they were actively investigating. It’s unconfirmed whether the other two cases are being investigated by WFU campus police as a request to clarify this was not immediately answered.