(WGHP) — There’s some wintry weather in the forecast from Thursday evening into Friday, but it’s looking nothing like the winter storm we saw on Sunday.

According to FOX8 Chief Meteorologist Van Denton, early Thursday evening brought in rain mixed with snow as temperatures teetered around 32 degrees.

Randolph, Alamance and Montgomery counties are the only counties in the FOX8 viewing area facing a winter weather advisory.

Radar shows a chance for more significant snow falling north of Raleigh.

“The ground’s covered in parts of Franklin County,” Denton said. “My nephew lives down there and let us know that his ground was covered pretty quickly by the snow.”

Temperatures are expected to continue to drop into the night as the rain lets up.

“And then we wait on the next part of the system,” he said. “This low coming up is tracking a little farther east and developing a little bit later causing it to miss us. But still, some of that moisture is going to get pulled back to the west (Friday) evening and gives us a chance again—but it’s not a very big chance here, but much better chance as you go east.”

Denton said Friday is likely to be cloudy for most of the day, but the afternoon and evening may bring sleet and freezing rain in the southeastern part of the state. The evening may see that moisture spread north, carrying with it snow to the southern and eastern parts of the Triad.

While southern and eastern parts of the Triad may see less than an inch, folks on the other side of the state—northeast of Rocky Mountain—could see more than four inches.

Van Denton’s 15 Day Snow/Sleet Odds

Based on ensembles

The only days that stand out among the next 15 will be Friday when you can count on some snow and Saturday when there’s a high chance.

Looking a bit further out, Jan. 28 has a low chance of flakes.

Otherwise, it’s not a promising outlook for any snowball fights.

Jan. 21 — 98%

Jan. 22 — 47%

Jan. 23 — 0%

Jan. 24 — 0%

Jan. 25 — 9%

Jan. 26 — 14%

Jan. 27 — 9%

Jan. 28 — 20%

Jan. 29 — 6%

Jan. 30 — 7%

Jan. 31 — 13%

Feb. 1 — 4%

Feb. 2 — 4%

Feb. 3 — 6%

Feb. 4 — 5%