LEXINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — Video from M&T’s Pawn and Gun Shop in Lexington shows an SUV plowing through the front doors of the business, creating a hole on the front of the building.

The video then shows multiple people grabbing guns and shattering glass cases to take more firearms.

Mark Richardson owns M&T’s.

In his 15 years, he’s cleaned up from four different break-ins, but he’s never seen anything like that.

“A lot of our guns are cabled down, the long guns and AR-15s and stuff like that,” Richardson said. “People are getting desperate for things, and they’re doing things they wouldn’t have done before.”

Richardson estimates more than $20,000 of merchandise was stolen or destroyed.

ATF agents are helping the business owner catalog what was taken.

“My biggest thing is I just want to keep them out of the hands of people that shouldn’t have them because that’s always been my worst fear is somebody getting hurt with one of my guns that shouldn’t have it,” Richardson said.

His store wasn’t the only target Sunday morning.

Guilford County deputies say Joshua King and Ahmodd Brown tried to break into Colfax Gun and Ammo on West Market Street.

According to court documents, they tried to run over two Kernersville officers who responded to the scene.

“Mr. Brown does have a history of gun store break-ins, and it is my understanding he did get out of prison recently within the last six months or so for similar kind of crimes, so that could be something fueling it,” said Sgt. R.D. Seals with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office.

At this point, investigators in Lexington and Guilford County are sharing information to see if these two crimes are connected.

The uptick in gun thefts is causing concern.

“When we see a certain kind of crime pick up, it’s usually something within society or the criminal justice system doing that,” Seals said.

Especially for people like Richardson, a responsible gun and small business owner.

“It makes the good people, sportsman, hunters…it makes it harder on them,” Richardson said.

Richardson hopes to reopen next week.

He plans to install multiple concrete pylons outside the business to keep any other cars from driving through.