GREENSBORO, N.C.(WGHP)–With summer camps and daycare field trips getting ready to kick off, things may look a little different this year. It’s all because of higher gas prices. 

Some daycare owners in the Triad said it has caused them to cut back on how many field trips they take this summer. 

“It’s going to cost more to put gas in the car. You don’t want to charge parents gas money, you don’t want to go up on your rates because everybody is struggling,” said Lisa Wadelington, teacher at Diana’s Childcare Center in Greensboro. 

The reality behind this struggle is that it costs roughly 30 percent more to fill up these daycare vans than it did last year. 

“I could fill my van up for $45 last year. This year, it’s $70,” Wadelington said. 

At Diana’s, they’re making changes to their summer camp schedule 

“We would do maybe three to four trips a week, but this year, we’re only doing two a week and we’re trying to keep them close to the daycare because it’s going to cost more to put gas in there,” she said. 

High gas prices have even caused them to stop picking up kids from school. Now relying on buses from the school district to drop them off here. 

“They accommodated a bus for them because we told them we couldn’t do it. So, they accommodated a bus, yes and a bulk of our kids go to Foust,” she said. Pre-k’s their parents have to get them here. Now we have some kids who don’t go to pre-k because their parents can’t get off to work to get them here. So, they won’t go to pre k because they can’t ride the buses. 

Some of these bigger camps like the YMCA’s across Guilford County are staying closer to their locations in order to save. 

Diana’s Childcare Center has five summer camp openings.