ARCHDALE, N.C. (WGHP) — Temperatures in the mid to upper 90s in early June have created some problems and areas of adjustment for Triad summer camps which kicked off their 11-week camp programs with limited outside activities for children.  

Weather forecasts predict temperatures to reach close to triple digits this week, which is earlier than some summer camp program directors had prepared for.  

Creekside Camp Director Misty Doyke told FOX8 that she began to plan different activities Sunday night due to the extreme weather conditions.

“They were supposed to be on our t-ball field to play a game of kickball. But we brought them inside,” she said. “My immediate thought was we’re going to have to change a lot of things.” 

Her campers instead played dodgeball and limited outdoor activities accompanied by extended periods in the shade.  

The camp also sits next to a creek, where children are having extra time to play.

One camper told FOX8 that outside of the heat, the shift still provided a lot of fun alternatives.  

“It’s really hot right now. We want to stay outside, but we don’t want to overheat…it’s outside. It’s inside. We’re always having fun,” Payton Angel said.

Also in Archdale, campers at the Grubb Family YMCA’s Camp Wuneka had limited playtime in the sun as well.

“The time limit is going to have to be a lot different. Instead of spending four hours outside at our sports complex, we will only spend an hour. Instead of taking one jug of water, we’ll take two,” Camp Director Jacelyn Gesner said.

Camp leaders have also given camp counselors a refresher course in how to spot and address heat-related illnesses in campers.  

Parents are asked to send their children to camp with extra sunscreen for the remainder of the summer, have them wear clothing that is light in color and heat appropriate and give them refillable water bottles.