(WGHP) — High school football kicks off Friday evening and that means fans flocked to the stadium and schools are ready to keep everyone safe. 

Each school system has different safety plans.

 “A great safe experience watching everyone,” said Head Director of Security for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County schools Johnathan Wilson.

They include everything from checking bags to metal detectors.

Guilford County Schools and Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Schools say they’re ready for the season.   

That’s what Triad school systems want when visitors come to a big football stadium.

 Guilford County Schools and Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Schools will be using the same protocols as last year.  

“We do everything within our power to make sure that our athletes have an opportunity to perform, and our spectators have an opportunity to have a great experience,” said Wilson.

 That includes security scanners at the stadium entrance and a clear bag policy. 

 Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools also have a clear bag policy.

School resource officers who attend major athletic events will have metal wands and metal detectors at football games. 

Both sheriff’s departments say they’ll be ready too. 

“Here at Guilford County Sheriff’s Office whenever they are attending any type of athletic event. And just know that you know, safety is our main priority. We’re doing everything in our power to make sure that they are enjoying the events,” said Deputy for Guilford County Sheriff’s Office Johnny Smallwood.

But a recent incident sparked concern from parents   

Last week a fight broke out in Dudley’s high school parking lot after a scrimmage, police responding to the fight found two guns.   

 Smallwood said safety in parking lots is a big priority this year.


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“It can definitely be a challenge. But one thing that we like to do is pretty much move about the crowd. So we see that the crowd is starting to move towards the parking lot. We’ll have officers stationed out there just to monitor and make sure that everybody is safe,” said Smallwood.

There will be metal detectors at both school systems along with deputies and other safety protocols to make sure your kids are safe inside the stadium and outside.

Both school systems want to remind folks before you head to the game tonight that there is no re-entry once the game starts.