(WGHP) — FOX8 spoke with three Triad mayors strategizing ways to curb violence in their cities. 

“It looks like to me we’re on a path for potentially a record year in terms of homicides unless we can put the brakes on it here and summertime and into the fall,” Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines said Wednesday. 

Police have investigated 17 homicides in the city so far this year, compared to nine during the same time period last year. 

“It’s like ‘Oh, no. Not another homicide.’ We had four last week. It is very disconcerting,” he said. 

Officers in Greensboro were called to five shootings in the past week. The most recent instance of gunfire at Stonesthow Apartments damaged Daria Daniels’s car on Tuesday night. 

“Right now, I’m in awe. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared to stay here. I’m scared to drive my car,” she said after finding 11 bullet holes in her car. 

“I knew they were close. My room is right there. I have a sliding glass door, so I rolled to the other side of my bed to avoid gunfire,” Daniels said. 

“It’s stunning how quickly someone picks up a gun because they’ve been disrespected or there’s been an argument,” said Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan. 

She, Mayor Joines and High Point Mayor Jay Wagner agree more de-escalation is needed.  

“There’s a lot of gang activity that’s involved in this. There’s a lot of situations of people that have guns that escalate into shootings when it really shouldn’t have been,” Mayor Joines said. 

He hopes investments in ShotSpotter technology and violence interrupters like the CURE violence program will help cut crime.  

Mayor Vaughan is looking into a youth intervention program called Ceasefire used in Oakland and Boston. 

“They had immediate positive results. When COVID happened, they stepped back on the program, and they saw results immediately rise,” she explained. 

Mayor Wagner is alarmed by the age of offenders in High Point. He hopes to re-start a youth mentoring program that was put on hold during the pandemic. 

“If you can make a difference in a young man’s life to keep him off a path of violence…do whatever you can to make that happen,” he said. 

The three mayors spoke on the importance of working together. 

“We have a great roadway system which is why we’re getting a lot of these big jobs. This great roadway system also is a place where people run drugs, and they run them in between our cities. We definitely need collaboration,” Mayor Vaughan said.