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Triad Goodwill helping people sharpen their digital skills to compete in the workforce

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(WGHP) — Food, medication, and bills are hitting wallets harder than they used to, and some retirees are going back to work just to make ends meet.

A lot has changed since many of them were in the job market.

Some, including Debbie Smith, 67, have turned to Triad Goodwill to learn the skills they need to compete.

Smith says she and her husband are getting by on two Social Security checks while also facing an unexpected financial challenge of having their car damaged in an accident.

“I’d like to find something that I can do close to home or at home but that I could make a little bit of extra money at because it’s kind of important right now,” she said.

“We’re definitely seeing more folks coming out of retirement looking to get back into the workforce for a number of reasons. I would say one of the biggest reasons is their retirement income is just not able to sustain them,” Triad Goodwill Career Centers Manager Jason Norris said.

Norris says employers are looking for workers who can navigate the technology component of the current marketplace.

Smith connected with Triad Goodwill Digital Skills Manager Jessica Hill.

“I have a lot of people who reach out to me who are retirees or people who just want to upskill. I will say about 60 percent of people who reach out are 55 and older who are looking to get new digital skills,” Hill said.

Hill assesses where clients are in their skills and builds a plan for them moving forward.

” I was surprised because I’m on social media quite a bit. That surprised me how little I knew even about that,” Smith said.

Smith says she feels more confident about getting back into the workforce.

“I like to work. I like to feel productive and that’s as important to me as the money, probably.”

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