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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – Distillery owners across North Carolina were able to sell bottles of spirits on Sunday. 

This is the first time selling a bottle of hard liquor on Sunday has been legal in a century. 

“It’s huge for our industry,” Daniel Spivey, brand development for Broad Branch Distillery in Winston-Salem. “This is a wonderful first step to start growing this industry in North Carolina.”  

Distilleries will be able to make more revenue by selling their products on Sunday.

“We have seven days of being a business now instead of six,” Spivey said. 

Governor Roy Cooper signed House Bill 890 on September 10. It allows hard liquor to be sold on Sunday and without a limit, like at a brewery and winery. 

The change in the law will be a huge help for Bill Norman and his family business, Fainting Goat Spirits in Greensboro.  

“A distillery is not different than any other small business out there that’s just trying to keep people employed and trying to move forward,” Norman said. “We now have a lot more options other than doing a tour, selling you one bottle and that’s the only transaction we have with you.” 

He believes everyone involved in making the booze will benefit.  

“When we do better, that farmer does better, when we do better, the people that make our labels do better,” Norman said. 

Tourism may also spike in Greensboro and across the state with people being able to leave distilleries with a souvenir. 

“Most of the people that came in on Sunday were from out of state so they were disappointed to not be able to purchase bottles while they were here,” Norman said. “They loved the product, they loved to sample it but they couldn’t take a bottle out of state, they couldn’t take a bottle home with them on a Sunday.” 

This new law does not apply to local ABC stores, which will remain closed on Sundays.