ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — As the Alamance-Burlington School System continues its battle against mold impacting multiple campuses in their district, a more dangerous variety was discovered at some schools.

ABSS announced on Wednesday morning that environmental inspectors were assessing campuses as they continue to war against the mold that has been discovered at multiple campuses when they discovered toxigenic mold at Cummings High School and Broadview Middle School. “Remediation efforts are now underway at both schools,” the district says.

The type of mold found is called “Chaetomium” which inspectors say is from “invasive water damage over time.”

The school district says it has accelerated testing and as of Wednesday, “most” of the schools have been tested, however, protocols are different for toxigenic mold. This will involve cleaning and removing sheetrock, furniture and building materials that are impacted.

Andrews and Newlin Elementary Schools have completed their remediation. The remediation is underway at Broadview Middle, Cummings High School, Williams High School, Eastlawn Elementary and Haw River Elementary.

Later today crews will be working at Western High, Western Middle, Southern Middle, Sylvan Elementary, Garrett Elementary, South Mebane Elementary and Eastern High School

E.M. Holt and Alexander Wilson will also need remediation.

Air quality testing needs is slowing the process.

Alamance-Burlington School Systems delayed the start of the school year until Tuesday, Sept. 5, due to the ongoing mold issues, but no word on if the first day will be further delayed.